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Welcome to our newly redesigned website. Knowing that you depend on our research and insight, we take utmost care while designing holiday packages, keeping in mind the location, accommodation, transfers and sightseeing. This site will not just book your accommodation but will also help you choose your holiday location.

If this is what you are looking for, we have it here.

Why Happy Holidays is the best?

Nothing but sheer passion drives the team at Happy Holidays. We are not a simple commercial venture selling holiday packages, but an organization with educated and dedicated employees who believe in selling experiences, not forgetting the environmental considerations and believe in the eco tourism policies so that we can leave a beautiful country for our next generation. The inspiration behind each package is the enthusiasm to share what we have seen and experienced at each of these destinations. The vast and vibrant gifts of nature and unimaginable contributions of human cultures all through, stimulate us to experiment more for our customers.
Experience the beauty and splendor of the richly cultured India. Ranging from the mighty strong Himalayas to the dense jungles of the south, the snow-clad mountains of the east, the scenic beauty of the west Feel the rhythm, colour your mind and find an experience that is your’s alone.

Savour another nation’s culture, experience firsthand the way they live. Everyone has a dream of travelling abroad. Fulfill your dream and experience the beauty and mystic nature of countries around the world. Serve yourself with myriad of colourful experiences. Get acquainted with the wide variety of flora-fauna, history and lifestyle of your choice of country anywhere around the world. 


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